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Open Auto Transport VS Enclosed Auto Transport



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Most vehicles can be delivered by an open car carrier.

If your car sits lets then 4 inches from the ground at any point on your vehicle, then we reccommend enclosed auto transport.

If your car is freshly restored and has a brand new paint job, we reccommend enclosed auto transport.

If your vehicle is an antique automobile, we reccommend enclosed auto shipping.

If your vehicle is valued more than $75,000.00, we reccommend having an enclosed vehicle transport.

If you are worried that your car is going to get dirty or have road salt fly up and hit your vehicle, then we reccommend enclosed car moving.

Most cars can be shipped with an open car carrier. Some people wonder if a particular position on the truck will make it better. There is no position on an open car carrier that will make it better. The driver will place your vehicle on the safest place he knows according to where all the other vehicles he has on the truck. If anything is going to happen to your vehicle, it can happen anywhere on the truck. That is why we are insured.

Again, most cars ride fine on an open car carrier. There are certain vehicles that must go enclosed because of the way they are designed.

The older cars were not made to be shipped on a modern car carrier. There are no good hook ups underneath the vehicle for loading on an open vehicle carrier. They must go enclosed. Enclosed carriers are designed to handle almost any vehicle because of the way we secure them to the truck. The enclosed auto carrier has straps that wrap around the tires, this way they do not damage the frame of a vehicle.

Most newer vehicles from 1980 to present were designed to be shipped by an open carrier. There are manufacture settings underneath the vehicles to hook up chains so we as an auto transporter can tie down the vehicle securely using an open car carrier.

Our staff at Showroom Transport will help you decide what is better for your car transport delivery. An open carrier or an enclosed.

Shipping by an enclosed vehicle carrier will be more expensive because enclosed auto transporters can not carry as many vehicles as an open auto transport.


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