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        We Ship to/from Hawaii, using Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines

        Trailers (all types except mobile homes), cars, trucks, atvs, boats (on trailers), motorcycles, heavy equipment, farm equipment, and just about any other vehicle you may have!

        SPECIAL OFFER: Call 1-800-462-0038 Now for your free quote and receive $25.00 off your delivery! Just mention this website.

        Equipment Trailers

        Enclosed Trailers

        Concession Trailers

        Boats on trailers

        Horse Trailers

        Horse Trailers


        Tanker Trailers

        Flatbed Trailers

        Showroom Transport will proudly arrange the transport of your vehicle. We cover all 48 Continental U.S. States and Hawaii.

        When shipping to/from Hawaii, we use Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines.

        Below is a list of some of the items we transport:

        Trailers                   Cars
        Trucks                     Motorcycles
        Heavy Equipment   Farm Equipment
        Boats and Jetskis (must be on a trailer)   


        When shipping from any of the continental U.S. states to Hawaii, Showroom Transport will pick your vehicle up from your location and bring it to the Pasha port in National City, CA.

        When shipping from Hawaii to any of the continental U.S. states, Showroom Transport will pick your vehicle up at the Pasha port in National City, CA. and delivery it to your location.

        Showroom Transport arranges for the right carrier to haul or load your vehicle.

        We use flat bed trucks, low boy trailers, Step Deck trailers, Double extendable drop trailers, Vessel Trailers, Multi-Axle Extendable Step Deck trailers. Open Car Carriers, Enclosed Car Carriers. We also have power unit only vehicles.

        Whatever your vehicle is we have a truck designed to ship it.

        Showroom Transport is a Nationwide Transport Company. We have handled the transport for automobiles, construction or farm equipment, boats,jetskis, trailers, etc... for many years. We are open 24/7.

        Showroom Transport is licensed with the Federal Government, Insured and Bonded.

        We invite you to talk to a sales representative, available 24 hours a day.

        Please view our Privacy Policy.

        Call 1-800-462-0038 to get a free quote to ship to/from Hawaii.

        We Also Ship inside the continental U.S:

        Heavy Equipment


        Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Motorcycles



        5th Wheel RVs

        5th Wheel - Air Brakes


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